Prices and versions

Download Excel-Template for Comparing Innovation Management Software


For suggestion box and continuous improvement

  • 295 € / month

    No setup fee!!
  • 100 users
    + 50 users 65 € / month
Included in Improve:
Ideation and collaborative development
Idea classification and evaluation
Evaluation tasks based on classification
The implementation tasks of approved ideas
E-mail support
SaaS delivery


All-in-one package for systematic innovation and R&D

  • 675 € / month

    Setup 2 495 €
  • 100 users
    + 50 users 45 € / month
Included in Professional:
Everything in Improve +
Innovation challenge
Brainstorming tool
Single sign-on
Idea upgrading and merging
News publishing
Advanced search
Yammer integration
Implementation of customer's visual identity
Phone support


Customized innovation software for large organizations

  • From 1 695 € / month

    Setup from 7 995 €
  • 200 users
    additional users, ask for a quote
Included in Enterprise:
Everything in Improve and Professional +
Customized innovation process
Multiple workspaces
Up to 10 user interface languages
User interface customization
Suggestion and innovation fee reporting to payroll
Test environment
REST API - integration interface


EHS management

Occupational safety observation and incident management

  • € 295 / month

  • Management of occupational safety observations
  • Corrective action planning and implementation monitoring

Project portfolio

Easy to use, agile project portfolio management for the entire organization

  • € 395 / month

  • Status updates with traffic light colors and discussion
  • Project scheduling with Gantt Chart
  • Cost and man-hour budgeting


Engage external users to crowdsourcing challenges easily and securely.

  • € 295 / month

  • A separate crowdsourcing workspace
  • External user login with Twitter or Facebook accounts or self registration
  • Idea sharing to Twitter and Facebook

Frequently asked questions

How are users calculated?

Orchidea licensing is based on users who have visited Orchidea at least one time during a calendar year. The number of visiting users for the first calendar year is estimated by the customer and the monthly license fee for the first calendar year is set based on this estimate.

Does the monthly price increase, if the number of users increases?

Monthly price is fixed for each calendar year, so that the budgeting of costs would predictable. If a customer exceeds her maximum visiting users count during a calendar year, then her monthly price will be adjusted at the beginning of the next calendar year up to the user tier price which corresponds with the number of visited users from the prior calendar year. If the number of visited users decreases, the monthly license fee is adjusted accordingly downwards at the beginning of the next calendar year.

What is included in the setup of Professional and Enterprise versions?

Service setup includes customer dedicated Orchidea software and training. The 4-hour training covers both best practices on creating innovative culture and training of the software for the administrators. Training is delivered over an online meeting service.

Setup of Professional version includes in addition the customization of 1) customer's software to match customer's visual identity and 2) upgrading phase to match customer specifications.

Setup of Enterprise version includes in addition the customization of 1) software to match customer's innovation process 2) software to match customer's visual identity 3) integrations to other business applications.