Suggestion box 2.0 - savings and satisfied team

Modern suggestion scheme combines traditional suggestion box with continuous improvement and innovation best practices. Implementing modern suggestion scheme is worth investing in, because open and more interactive suggestion scheme 2.0 produces significant economic benefits. Besides financial results it typically improves also job satisfaction and commitment as employees have more influence over their working environment.

Modern online suggestion box is easy to use and invites user to co-develop suggestions. Community development improves the suggestions and increases community's commitment to the implementation, because they have been involved in solution development.

Good suggestion scheme is also effective. Therefore Orchidea routes the suggestions automatically based on the classification to the right people for evaluation or decision making. Subject matter experts evaluate the suggestion independently and can decide next steps directly in Orchidea without needing to meet.

Novel suggestion box 2.0 both increases revenue through better products and services and reduce costs through more efficient processes. The best testimony of the benefits comes directly from one of our customers: "Orchidea suggestion box costs were covered during the first two hours of use. Since then, we have reached each year one million euro savings in our 100 employees organization."

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