Suggestion box

Modern suggestion scheme combines traditional suggestion box with continuous improvement and innovation best practices. Active suggestion scheme creates significant savings and Orchidea customers have collected up to 10 000 € per employee in annual savings.

Research and development

Systematic product development process ensures that best ideas are captured and developed into profitable innovations. Management can track and measure the process and ensure that resources are allocated to the right projects based on regular reviews and sales forecasts.

Innovation challenge

Innovation challenge is an excellent way to focus the creativity of the crowd on an organizationally important topic. Challenge may be executed as a small group ideation or as organization wide campaign with C-level sponsor.

Organizational innovation

Orchidea systematizes the organizational innovation process covering brainstorming, idea management and development and innovation project management. Systematic approach enhances the production and refining of ideas. Therefore development initiatives have always high quality seeds which support successful execution.


In crowdsourcing you include your customers, partners and external experts to innovation. Its benefits include increased commitment of the participants, lower development costs and better understanding of customer needs.

Online brainstorming

Orchidea online brainstorming is digital ideation method which helps you to create high quality solutions on specific topic. It is highly effective and 100 % faster than traditional brainstorming methods. Online brainstorming can be executed face-to-face or virtually.